In case of emergency

Contact Information for Steven Roberts
phone: 206-866-5141

Emergency Resource
Contact Information
Purpose & Responsibilities
UW Police Department (UWPD)
1117 NE Boat Street in the Bryant Building.
Immediate Emergency Assistance Dial 9-1-1.

Non Emergency Assistance
Maintains an emergency Communications Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call UWPD for emergency of any kind, including but not limited to fire, medical emergency, or hazardous material spills or release.
Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)
Call (206) 543-0465 during normal business hours. After normal business hours, EH&S may be reached through the UWPD using the EH&S Duty Officer system.
EH&S maintains guidelines and provides training, consultation and support for building emergencies. EH&S is also available to provide consultation and support for hazardous material spills and releases, temporary controls, and other general information to the Seattle Fire Department (SFD), UWPD, and UW departments.
Facilities Services
(FOMS & ATC-20)
Routine and emergency services (essential services are covered 24 hours a day) may be obtained by calling: 206-685-1411 or through UWPD.
Facilities Services’ Plant Operations division maintains a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week response unit called “FOMS” or “Unit 2”. The FOMS respond automatically to all fire alarms, and other emergencies to provide support for the UWPD and SFD. This support includes, but is not limited to, the operating/resetting of the fire alarm system; operating the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC); and the shutdown of steam, water, electrical, and other utilities. Also provides ATC-20 teams for rapid structural assessments of buildings following earthquakes.
UW Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Call (206) 897-8000 during normal business hours.
OEM staff is available during normal business hours to provide general disaster planning guidance and training resources to faculty and staff. OEM maintains and coordinates all EOC activities and campus-wide disaster drills and recovery efforts.
UW Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
The primary EOC is located in Room 111 of the Bryant Building on 1117 N.E. Boat Street. The secondary EOC location is Lander Hall, Room L-135.
For a major local or regional emergency, the UW President or his/her designee may request activation of the University’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). EOC staff will decide on the use of available resources and communicate with outside agencies and authorities. Information on missing persons, building emergencies, first aid, and other needs during large-scale emergency must be provided to the EOC by using campus telephone systems, computer, (See Emergency Communications in Section 1) or by runner if the telephone systems fail.
KIRO AM #710 -
On the radio at AM 710
The Official Area Broadcast Station in case of major disaster or University “suspended operations.” Tune into this station for information.

FTR Building issues (non critical alarms, air temperature, plumbing)

email building coordinator: Kristian Haapa-aho [khaapa [at]]
phone: (206)616-8552

Alarm Monitoring

If notified of a Rees alarm:

1. Press '0' to acknowledge call.
2. Enter access code (200918).
3. Follow prompts to inhibit the alarm(s) for a specific amount of time.
4. Hang up.

Roberts' Lab alarm inputs:
#52 = -80C
#56 = 4C, Rm. 209
#57 = -20C, Rm. 209
#58 = -20C, Rm. 213
#59 = 4C, Rm. 213
#TBS = -20C, MAR 293

Fire in lab

Fire alarm

Power Failures

-80 Freezer